Downloading | Printing Digital Printables


All PDFs have been designed to be printed back to back.

They can be printed on A4 or US Letter paper.

NB: All PDF's have cut lines and are not able to be printed on single A5 / Personal / Pocket etc paper due to this.

For best results:  

  • Print from your computer and not from your web browser. You can download and print from Adobe PDF, MAC Preview or similar.
  • Disable Auto Rotation and make sure print is set to 100% scale for your chosen paper size.
  • Make sure you set your chosen paper size too! Tell your printer if it's US Letter or A4 paper you are printing on.
  • Print best quality and on good grade paper. The smoother the paper the better I find!

Please Note: Some printers don’t always print perfectly back to back. This isn’t a fault with the file and your ink cartridge may need realigning within your printer settings.

Once purchased your PDF can be reused and reprinted as many times as you please but please do not use for anything other than personal use, Thank you!


Each insert has clear cut lines to cut across line to line.

Cut carefully as every millimetre out can make your inserts look too small or too big and even wonky! 

Hole punch with a Rapesco or planner set hole punch - these PDFs do not come with hole punch guides. 

*Colours may vary from what it looks like on screen and how your printer prints the files. These inserts are branded and for personal use only and must not be copied and/or sold on.