Managing or Cancelling your Subscription



Step 1: Upon sign up of your subscription you will have received an email from SALTYTWENTYTWO titled "You have a new subscription". Locate this email in your inbox and click on the link "manage your subscription".


Step 2: This link will take you to the log in screen at If you haven't created an account do not worry. Create an account under the email address you used for your subscription sign up here. This account creation can be made at any point - and don't worry we will not use your information or send you any emails.


Step 3: Once you have followed the steps to creating an account you should be able to log in. In your account you will see the following window titled "My Account". Here you will see any of your order history related to your email address. Scroll right down to the bottom and click on the word Subscriptions (it's a link).


Step 4: In there you will see the details of your subscription(s). If you click on the subscription number in the subscription box you will be taken to a window to manage your subscription(s). 


Step 5: Once you click on this link you will be taken to a window where you can either cancel your subscription (don't worry you can sign up again at any point) or amend your payment details.